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Sunday Trophies


Ch4+ Championship Coxed Fours

This cup was originally presented to the Henley Royal Regatta of 1945 by Harcourt Gold, for the Schools’ Event. It was won outright by Radley College who placed it on permanent loan to the Schools’ Regatta in 1964. Up to 1970 it was presented each year to the winning eight in the event for crews who expected to have at least one more year at school, the old definition of Colts at this Regatta. From 1970, the new definition of Colts (Junior Under 16) having been generally accepted, this trophy was transferred to the event for Championship Coxed Fours.



Ch4- Championship Coxless Fours

This cup was originally presented at Wateringbury Regatta in 1869 to the Royal Engineers Yacht Club (Rowing Section), who came second. It was subsequently competed for at the Royal Engineers’ Regatta. In 1973 it was placed on permanent loan to the National Schools’ Regatta by the Royal Engineers and the Book of Honour which accompanies it was presented by the former Regatta Chairman, David McLellan, who was one of the holders of the cup.


Ch2x Championship Double Sculls

Presented by E.N.Fox in 1971 together with a Vellum Roll of Honour for the Championship Coxed Pairs. The tankard is a copy of an item of plate in the possession of the Inn Holders Company and it was originally presented to Mr. Fox’s Uncle, Edwin Fox, who was a Past Master of the Inn Holders Company. As the coxed pairs event is no longer held, the trophy has been transferred to Championship Double Sculls.



Ch2- Championship Coxless Pairs

The trophy was presented by the committee in 1973 when the Regatta moved to Holme Pierrepont for the winners of Championship Coxless Pairs. It has been renamed the Nick Bevan Cup in 2014 to commemorate Nick Bevan who had an illustrious coaching history at Shrewsbury, Shiplake & St. Edward’s and who served on the NSR Committeee for many years.


Ch1x Championship Single Sculls

The trophy was presented in 1970 by R.F.S. Newall of Eton College who had won the event for which there was no trophy in 1969.



J164-1 Junior Under 16 Coxless Fours 1

This cup was presented to the Regatta by the Morrell Final Amily in the Golden Jubilee year of Windsor Boys’ School Boat Club 1940-1990.The cup was originally presented to Charles Morrell in 1917 in recognition of an act of heroism, he, as a prisoner of war, saved a Dutch boy from drowning.


J164x1 Junior Under 16 Quad Sculls 1

This cup was presented by Ray Ward whilst a master at Kingston Grammar School in 1987 in order to help promote crew sculling.


J162- Junior Under 16 Coxless Pairs

This cup was presented to Henley Royal Regatta by J. Harcourt Gold as a trophy for the Open Eights event at the one day Peace Regatta in 1945. It was won by Imperial College. At their 50th Anniversary reunion, the crew, encouraged by the previous Chairman, David McLellan, who rowed at 5, decided to ask the College to place the cup on permanent loan to the Regatta. The cup originally had no plinth and a new one has been provided by the committee.



ChG4x Championship Girls’ Quad Sculls

This cup was presented to the Regatta in 1990 by the Parents’ Association of Kingston Grammar School Boat Club. The Association is called the Sherriff Club after the playwright, R.C. Sherriff, an old boy of Kingston Grammar School, whose estate still benefits the School.


ChG4- Championship Girls’ Coxless Fours

This cup was the second trophy owned by the Regatta. It was bought with donations given by St. Edward’s School and further contributions collected at the 1950 Regatta. It was awarded to the winning Colts Eight, an event staged at every Regatta. In 1985 it was transferred to the event for Girls’ Championship Coxless Fours which had been without a trophy since its introduction in 1979.


ChG2- Championship Girls’ Coxless Pairs

This cup was presented by Leander and their sponsor, Pimms, in 1974. Until 1986 it was awarded to the club gaining most points in the finals of the Championship events. In 1987 it was transferred to the Girls’ Coxless Pairs.




J16G4x Junior Under 16 Girls’ Quad Sculls

This cup was the trophy for the U.K. Senior Eights at the 1919 Peace Regatta at Henley where it was won by Thames Rowing Club. It was then presented to the legendary Jack Beresford senior, (Berry), who had rowed in the crew at the age of 51. It was returned to T.R.C. in 1960 by Berry’s sons, Jack and Eric. From 1966 to1972 it was the cup for Junior Double Sculls at the National Youth Championships. The loan of this cup was negotiated by the previous Chairman, David McLellan, often called ‘Colonel’ by the rest of the Committee, as a farewell gesture. As the plinth is full, a book of honour has been added.


J16 G2- Junior Under 16 Girls Coxless Pairs

The Headington Cup has been presented to the regatta by Headington School, Oxford.