Make sure your boat club is at NSR.

We know the academic course a student takes is always important. We also know  sport play a major role in shaping the character of every student athlete.  University sport helps to educate students outside the lecture hall, enhances their student experience.

Book your 15ft x 15ft (4.5m x 4.5m) space and bring your own small marquee to meet and greet potential recruits.

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Make sure your University Boat Club is at

NSR Campus Zone.

Book your space at the National Schools’ Regatta Campus Zone and meet our competitors who could be future members of your own boat club!

At NSR we are passionate about education and sport!  We want everyone competing at our regatta to have an opportunity to consider fully their educational options.  With your university boat club at our event, we believe our competitors have a great chance to meet inspirational people like you!

Make university sport part of an informed educational choice.

Bring your energy to our regatta and reach out to young people.  Let’s keep sport a part of their lives.

Together we can make a difference to the next generation of scholar athletes.

Five Reasons to come to NSR

  1. Meet potential students face to face.
  2. Dispel myths about what admissions officers are looking for.
  3. Help students and parents understand why your university is the best!
  4. How academic demands and sporting ambitions can be combined.
  5. Give students an introduction to the student rowing network at your club.

You will have a 15ft x 15ft space and we ask you to bring a frame tent.

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