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New for 2018!  NSR is introducing the #NSRRowShow – an area dedicated solely to coaches and athletes.  

The needs of the competitors and coaches are at the heart of what we do at NSR and as such we are always striving to improve the experiences of every coach and athlete at our regatta.  The #NSRRowShow will be the place to go for boat building expertise and where athletes can warm up away from the hustle and bustle of spectating families and friends. 

A few years ago we introduced a Warm Up Tent, supported by Charles Stanley, Concept 2 and WattBike.  This proved a very popular addition and provided a space to prepare for the big race ahead.

Following on from this, NSR is now developing the whole area around the Warm Up tent as a one-stop-shop for coaches and competitors to find all the resources they need.  Alongside the warm up tent will be all the boat building teams that can help with last minute tweaks and repairs before racing. Our friends from Concept 2, Oarsport, Kanghua, Swift Racing and Filippi will all be there.  On an even more practical note, there will also be toilets and access to drinking water to manage all the last minute nerves.


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Make sure you say hello to Paul at W.W.Marine and find out how he could help you prepare for your big day

See website for more details


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Swift Racing UK

Make sure you visit Dom and his team from Swift Racing UK.  They have a great selection of boats  for a range of different budgets.  

See website for more details

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Eric from ES Rowing Services is always happy to help with advice and repairs.

See the website for more information

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NSR has been supported by Andrew and Jack for years, we know you will find a great welcome here!

See their website for more information 

Concept 2

Alex Dunn at Concept2 is a great partner to NSR.  Pop by to say hello to him and learn more about how he can help you!

To find out click here.

Make sure you come over to find Sam Wilson and see the range of items he has on offer to support you through your season.  See Vespoli website for more details.