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Watch NSR live home or away!

Live Streaming at National Schools’ Regatta

For many years the performances at NSR were invisible to the wider world who might be stuck at work or far from home.  All that changed in 2017.  Last year we broadcast all the side by side racing live on our Youtube channel and on a large screen alongside the course.  Parents and friends who were unable to watch from the banks of our regatta course were able to watch the racing on TV.  This in itself was an exciting development for NSR and this year we are taking our live streaming to the next level.


Thanks to our main sponsor Charles Stanley,  NSR is again able to work with Adrian Battersby from 247.t.  Adrian has over 30 years experience in broadcasting sports events and producing high quality productions for TV and the web.  As before, this year the side by side racing will be broadcast on our Youtube channel. However this year, it is possible for marquee holders to hire a 42″ LED TV to watch the racing live from the comfort of their tent.   Want to see that photo finish? No problem, it will all be there on the screen. The package available provides setting up and putting the equipment away each day and very importantly the internet access to watch the streaming in real time.  No time delay here! Follow the link for more information.


As ever with NSR this would not be possible without our volunteers.  The teams from Holyport College and Eton College do all the camera work out on the course, in all weathers to get that perfect shot.  With over 15,000 views on our channel since launch in 2017 we think you like it!

Look out for NSR Production Team around the regatta as they put NSR on the map!  Share the Youtube channel with your friends and family! Nobody has to miss out on all the fun!



Thank you Charles Stanley for making this possible, to Adrian and his team at 247.t and the volunteers from Holyport College and Eton College.