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NSR – Join us in pushing for a Clean Sweep at NSR 2018

NSR 2018 is calling for everyone at this year’s regatta to help us reduce waste and fight plastic pollution of our beautiful rivers, lakes and oceans.  

We are looking at a number of ways to reduce our environmental impact and working hard to become the first UK bottled water free sports event!

Last year we produced ten skips full of rubbish that mostly ended up in landfill.  

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We estimated that included 20,000 single-use disposable plastic water bottles which, at 250kg, is the amount of plastic that enters the world’s oceans every second.  This is what 20,000 disposable plastic water bottles looks like in the form of a whale. Shocking isn’t it!

Plasticus the Whale     

Matt Alexander/PA Wire                                                              

Meet Plasticus the whale!  Our thanks to Sky Ocean Rescue for sharing this picture with us!  We hoping to see Plasticus at NSR 2019.

This year we want to make a change for the better.

We are calling on everyone that attends NSR 2018 to help us dramatically reduce our impact on Dorney Lake.   

Please do:

  • Bring reusable water bottles filled with water.   There will be static tanks to top up your drinking water but bring some water with you.
  • Bring big filled water containers for cooking. 
  • Embrace tupperware!  Only bring what you intend to eat and take the rest home!  Everyday we throw away mountains of uneaten sandwiches and other prepackaged food that has not even been opened.
  • Join us in our litter picks through out the regatta!  Watch out for announcements throughout the day. 
We are encouraging all our volunteers to bring reusable water bottles, coffee and tea cups.  Our amazing team of volunteers work very long hours so that is a lot of tea and coffee! Every little helps!

For more information please have a look at this amazing e leaflet from our friends at Bywaters.  It gives lots of information on how we can all do something to reduce the amount of plastic that goes into the oceans.