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The Time-Team – Keeping time at NSR

Ever wondered how NSR time the races? We have help from an amazing team at Time-Team.

NSR are supported by the Time-Team , experts in  supporting outdoor and indoor rowing competitions with software and hardware. With their Regatta Management system in the cloud they aid the organising committee in getting things done quickly. The competition, in our case with multiple rounds and automated progression rules, can be managed from any connected device.  Events and entries are imported from BROE and with a couple of easy steps the schedule and draw is created. From there PDF reports are generated and all information is published online.
During the regatta Time-Team provides timing devices, which the umpires and volunteers operate. The results are online immediately and can be followed in real-time from home through the live tracker on https://regatta.time-team.nl/nsr. Further more we provide real-time graphics for the big screen and live cast, supporting the camera visuals. Start lists, a running clock per race, crew names in lower thirds and instant intermediate times together with live video will give you the best spectator experience possible.